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About us

Meet our team....

From all of us at Mad About Ewe, Welcome!

Welcome to Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns! Our shop is located in the Old City Quarter in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. We are Nanaimo's destination for the hand knitting, fiber and felting enthusiasts.

About Mad About Ewe

Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns has been in business for over 25 years. We have over 100 years of knitting experience on hand to help you with any knitting problem.

Emily has owned the store for 15 years. She worked here for about 5 years before jumping into the deep end of the yarn.

Lynette has been working at Mad About Ewe for over 20 years. Lynette is the store teacher and designer. You can see her work hanging around the store. Her patterns can be found at the store or on Ravelry.

Darlene is our fibre expert. She knits, crochets, spins, dyes, weaves and has never met a fibre she doesn't like! If you have questions she will usually have answer. Her fibre interests are broad reaching and continually explored!

Ray is our newest team member. He has been knitting most of his life, with a particular love of technical knitting. He has just recently begun to branch out and design his own patterns. Keep your eye out for more!

Our People


Lynette Meek

Our Rock Star

Lynette is a master at our craft to say the least. She is a prolific knit wear designer with a strong affinity for lace knitting and colourwork.

Lynette is our full time in store expert and is well loved and trusted by anyone with any kind of knitting dilemma. Many a troubled knitter, both beginner and experienced, have flocked to her for her expertise.

“There has been some speculation that there might be some sheep in my ancestry because I have yet to meet a wool that I don’t like. With each new project I feel my creativity expanding with lots of ideas to share with anyone interested in listening!”


Emily Mah

Our Leader

Emily bought Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns from the store’s original owner and hasn’t looked back since. Under her guidance, the store has grown in stature and selection. Mad About Ewe carries one of the most diverse collections of yarn. Her eye for colours and style are reflected all over Mad About Ewe in it’s packed baskets and shelves of beautiful wools and yarns.

Emily’s one regret is lack of time to knit.

“It’s funny how many people think we have the dream job where we sit around and knit all day. We do have our dream job but it’s not because we get to knit all day, it’s because we get to play with yarn. “